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Nowadays, the basic of music production is DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Studio One, Logic Pro, and so on.

We provide lessons and know-hows for DAW music production. We wish for development and improvement of music scenes, and enjoyment and happiness for people.

From starter who doesn't know what to do, to proffesional creator who want to learn and make big hit, and people who want to enjoy music as hobby, we provide lessons for you!

We hope to meet you and share the joy of music.

What is AnygoCloud


DTM online school by Anything Goes Ltd., creator group of Japan.

From beginner to professional, we provide various lessons such as DTM composing, songwriting, lyric writing, mix, vocal, and instruments, by each DAW software.

Also, we provide chance to make a contract to agency as be professional creator.

AnygoCloud Lesson

1.Choose the course you want at「Course」menu.




3.Choose the date and time

-If you already paid for the lesson, you can go to next page

-If you are not paid yet, please make a pay


4.Check for the last time to make sure everything's okay


5.Click「Book It」, and reservation is done!


6.Please submit the form so we can know you more

We assign teacher for you、and make zoom URL for the lesson.

Please check your e-mail!


7.Enter the zoom URL


8.Lesson Start!

Please submit

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