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Online DTM School

by Professional Creators

Professional creators of Anything Goes ltd. provide lessons using DAW(Digital Audio Workstation), the mainstream of music production in modern times, for coposition, arrangement, recording technique, mix, and so on.

You can take online classes any time you want!

「Want to make hit song as a composer」
「Want to make my Artist activity more worthwhile」
「Want to enjoy the music I love」

​We provide lesson menu for your need.



Online DTM School

by Creators of Anything Goes ltd.

​Anything Goes Homepage

Creators of AnygoCloud participated as teacher!

DAW Composing Workshop by Hit Producer

【銀座九劇アカデミア(Ginza Kyugeki Academia】

Anything Goes Creators

Works, Songs


 湯原聡史(Satoshi Yuhara) Compose


 浅田祐介(Yusuke Asada) Compose, Arrange   

 姜藝利(Yheri Kang)、市川孝二(Koji Ichikawa) Lyrics

・祭nine. (Matsuri Nine) 「ビビビTANGO(Bibibi TANGO)」  Pattern B  M-2「HEYHEYBONBON」

 宮川麿(Maro Miyakawa) Compose/Arrange

・祭nine.(Matsuri Nine)「ビビビTANGO(Bibibi TANGO)」  Pattern C  M-2「シャニムニ・フロンティア(Shanimuni Frontier」

 宮川麿(Maro Miyakawa) Compose/Arrange

・三澤紗千香(Sachika Misawa)「この手は(Kono Teha)」M-2「あと一歩(Ato Ippo)」

 宮川麿(Maro Miyakawa)、姜藝利(Yheri Kang)、市川孝二(Koji Ichikawa)、小田駿之介(Shunnosuke Oda) Compose, Lyrics, Arrange

・Pretty Ash「アイデンティティー(Identity)」

 湯原聡史(Satoshi Yuhara) Compose, Lyrics


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